About Apex Management Services Ltd.

Apex Management Services LTD is a trusted, proven and professional debt collection leader with over twenty-five years of expertise in the debt collection industry.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is committed to provide a helping hand to the community at large. Apex Management Services is not an island onto itself. As such, we strive to become an active member in the local community. We are connected to the community through our employees, and our clients and so, it is important to us to help others given that the success of the local community is tied to the success of our company. 

Our CSR philosophy is to blend together social and governance principles into everyday operations. With these principles as a pillar of our business model, it is imperative to reach out and support causes and individuals who reflect these same ideals. This is why Apex has been beneficiary to many different causes throughout the years. 

We measure our success not only in terms of financial gain, but also in building employee satisfaction, and supporting the community we serve. A list of past CSR outreach programs can be found below: