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Industry Leaders

Apex Management Services Ltd. has been the leading debt collection service provider in the Bahamas for the last 22 years, offering modernized collection methods that comply with global industry standards specifically suited to provide client satisfaction.

Vision & Mission

Our mission is to become the leading provider of Debt Collection services in the market which we serve.

Over 20 Years Track Record

Founded in 1995, Apex has kept a pace with the adoption of new industry technology and modernized strategies in debt collection. For over 20 years, APEX has managed to efficiently problem solve, meet industry standards, and ensure customer satisfaction.

We are 100% dedicated to Debt Collection and our dedicated attorneys ensure 100% follow-through on all cases. Our clients pay zero commission, and no fee if nothing is collected. Our clients also have 24/7 web access.

Our Technology

Collection Management- We utilize state-of-the-art Debt Collection software that provides efficient and effective day to day management on all assigned accounts. The software allows easy encrypted portal access for both staff and clients with efficient syncing and tracking of information.

Legal Management- Our legal case management software allows us to track important deadlines and efficiently manage client cases and documents.

Telephone Technology- Our state-of-the-art IP Phone System offers call continuity and system redundancy features. Along with our high capacity Autodialer and high capacity text messaging technology, we ensure automatic call and text forwarding to designated mobile phone numbers in case of internet service failure.

Apex also has the largest skiptracing database, allowing us to validate addresses and access phone databases.

Social responsibility

At Apex, our corporate social responsibility is strategically linked to our business model and company core value of excellence. We believe that profits, customer satisfaction, and the compliance of debtors are crucially linked. As such, we actively engage debtors, teaching them important debt management skills, and sharing other key information on all of our platforms.

Supporting and donating to charitable causes, assisting local schools, and voluntarily cleaning beaches are just a few ways Apex shows its contribution to the development of the community. We are always seeking opportunities to assist the community at large.

Apex is also a member of the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and The American Collectors Association which ensures credibility, ethics, and the securing of industry standards.

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