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Debt Collection

APEX is the leading agency specializing in debt collection in The Bahamas. We provide a full-service debt collection solution with commission rates ranging from 25-50% dependent upon the nature of the debt (take a look at our fee schedule for more information on commission rates). Our skilled agents are focus driven; the aim is substantial debt recovery. We have been entrusted with the debt portfolios of many individuals and companies in The Bahamas as we are the only agency with a primary focus on Debt Collection.

Skip Tracing

At APEX our expert agents employ research strategies to identify street addresses, post office boxes, and telephone numbers of unreachable debtors. This information is critical to the success of recovery efforts. Our skip trace database is updated on an ongoing basis ensuring that the most current and relevant information is always available.

Autodialer Message and Broadcasting

APEX utilizes innovative technological tools such as the Autodialer which is tailored for the best consumer experience enabling us to preserve rapport on behalf of our clients. Our Auto Dialer is used to broadcast customized voice and text messages to hundreds of call and text recipients; ensuring automatic calls and text messages to designated telephone and mobile phone numbers. With the ability to contact numerous persons within a day, the Auto Dialer significantly increases recovery efforts.

Process Serving and Litigation

Our in-house legal team is able to draft, file, and serve legal documents such as demand letters at a cost. Litigation however is integrated into our debt collection process. Given client approval, legal action can be initiated on more difficult accounts at no additional cost to the client.