Credit Watch List

Given The economic realities that we experience, it has become imperative that organizations make safer investments so as to protect their bottom-line. Apex has taken this into consideration and has created a comprehensive database of debtors who have unpaid judgments and court orders registered against them.

With the lack of a Credit Bureau to protect institutions from customers/clients with dubious credit history, we here at Apex felt it was incumbent upon us to find a way to help protect our clients from future losses.

The credit Watch List provides creditors with the following information:

  • Debtor’s Name
  • Debtor’s Date Of Birth
  • Value Of Debt
  • Date Of Court Judgment
  • And Much More

Under Bahamian Law, Publishing detailed information about individual’s debts is a sensitive area and requires a lot of careful handling, however, all information published based on Court Judgments which are recorded for public scrutiny and therefore deemed public information.